Terms and Condition

These are the basic rules and terms you need to follow when using our website, Zine FLX. You can access it at https://zineflx.com/.

When you use this website, you have to follow these rules. By using the website, you’re agreeing to all the terms and conditions written here. If you don’t agree with these rules, please don’t use the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Except for your own content, everything else on this website, including the design and materials, belongs to Zine FLX and/or its partners. They own all the rights to these creative and intellectual property materials.

You have permission to use this website and view its content, but only for a limited purpose.


You are specifically restricted from all of the following:

  • Publish its content anywhere else.
  • Sell, sublicense, or make money from its content.
  • Show or perform its content to the public.
  • Use this website in a way that could harm it or restrict others from using it.
  • Use this website in a way that breaks the law or could harm the website, people, or businesses.
  • Collect data from the website without permission.
  • Use this website for advertising or marketing purposes.

Some parts of this website have limitations and you may not be able to access them. Zine FLX can also decide to limit your access to specific areas of the website at any time, without giving a reason. If you have a user ID and password for the website, it’s important to keep them private and not share them with others.

Your Content

In these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, “Your Content” refers to any audio, video, text, images, or other materials that you decide to show on this website. When you display Your Content here, you give Zine FLX permission to use it in certain ways. This permission is non-exclusive, which means you can still use your content however you like, and it applies worldwide. Zine FLX can use, copy, modify, publish, translate, and share your content in all types of media.

You should only share content on this website that belongs to you and doesn’t violate anyone else’s rights. If your content doesn’t meet this requirement, Zine FLX has the authority to remove it from the website without giving you prior notice.

No warranties

This Website is given to you in its current state, with all its flaws, and Zine FLX doesn’t make any promises or guarantees about it or the materials found here. The Website is provided “as is.” Also, please note that nothing on this Website should be considered as personal advice for you.

Limitation of liability

Zine FLX and its team, including officers, directors, and employees, will not be held responsible for anything related to your use of this website. This means they won’t be liable for any problems or issues that may arise from your use of the site, whether it’s under a contract or not. Additionally, they won’t be held accountable for any indirect, consequential, or special damages that may result from your use of the website.


You promise to pay for any problems or expenses Zine FLX faces if you don’t follow the rules in these Terms. This means you’ll be responsible for any costs, damages, or legal issues caused by your actions.


If any part of these Terms is not allowed by the law, that part will be removed. However, the rest of the Terms will still apply and be valid. So, the other rules and conditions will remain in effect even if one part is not enforceable.

Variation of Terms

Zine FLX can change these Terms whenever they want, and if you use this website, it’s your responsibility to check for any updates from time to time. So, make sure to keep an eye on the Terms to stay updated with any changes they may make.


Zine FLX has the right to give its responsibilities and rights to someone else, or hire other people to do the work for them, without telling you. But you are not allowed to pass on your responsibilities and rights to anyone else under these Terms. So, while Zine FLX can make changes on their end, you can’t transfer your rights and responsibilities to someone else.

Entire Agreement

These Terms are the complete agreement between you and Zine FLX regarding your use of this website. They replace any previous agreements or understandings that may have existed before. So, these Terms cover everything that both you and Zine FLX have agreed upon for using this website, and they replace any other arrangements made in the past.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms will be controlled and understood based on the laws of the State of [your state/country name]. If there are any disagreements, you agree to resolve them in the state and federal courts located in [your state/country name]. This means that if any legal issues come up related to these Terms, they will be handled in the courts of your state or country.

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