10 Reasons Why Do Dachshunds Burrow In Blankets?

Why Do Dachshunds Burrow In Blankets

Dachshunds are known for their funny and unique habits. Have you ever seen a Dachshund burrow into a blanket? It’s a cute and common sight for these small dogs. But why do they do it?

This isn’t just a random habit. There are real reasons behind it. If you have a Dachshund or just love dogs, stick around.

We’ll explore the top 10 reasons why Dachshunds love to dig in blankets and help you understand this adorable behavior.

10 Reasons Why Do Dachshunds Burrow In Blankets?

#1. Instinctual Behavior

Instinctual Behavior

Dachshunds have a special history. Originally, they were hunters. In Germany, where they come from, their name means “badger dog.” Why? Because they were trained to hunt badgers by digging and going deep into underground burrows. So, when a Dachshund burrows into a blanket, it’s acting on an old instinct. Imagine a tiny wolf inside them, reminding them of their hunting days. This burrowing behavior is simply a part of who they are. It’s like a memory from their past that shows up in a playful way.

#2. Security and Comfort

Security and Comfort

Think about how you feel when you snuggle in a warm blanket. Nice and safe, right? Dachshunds feel the same way. When they burrow into blankets, it’s like they’re in a safe little hideaway. Just as we feel cozy in our beds, Dachshunds love the comfort of being wrapped up. To them, a blanket isn’t just cloth. It’s a safe spot where they can relax and feel protected.

#3. Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management

Just like people, dogs can feel anxious or stressed at times. And guess what? Blankets can help! When Dachshunds burrow, they’re often trying to calm themselves. Being under a blanket feels secure and soothing, like a big hug. If there’s too much noise, new people, or other things that might stress them out, hiding away can make them feel better. It’s their way of taking a deep breath and finding peace. So, if you see your Dachshund diving into blankets often, it might be their way of saying, “I just need a moment to relax.”

#4. Cozy Nesting Instinct

Cozy Nesting Instinct

Do you sometimes like to create a cozy spot to relax in? Maybe with cushions or your favorite blanket? Dachshunds have a similar urge. Especially female Dachshunds. They might dig and adjust the blanket until it feels just right. This behavior is called “nesting.” It’s like making a bed that feels perfect. By adjusting the blanket, they create a cozy nest to curl up in. This nesting behavior is natural and shows that they’re trying to make a space that feels just right for them. So, when you see your Dachshund fussing with a blanket, they’re just trying to create the perfect cozy spot!

#5. Habit and Comfort

Habit and Comfort

Sometimes, it’s as simple as this: Dachshunds burrow because it feels good. If they’ve been snuggling into blankets since they were puppies, it’s a behavior they’ve grown up with. Just like some people have bedtime routines they’ve followed since childhood, Dachshunds might see blankets as their comfort zone. If it made them happy and comfortable as puppies, they’re likely to continue the behavior into adulthood. It becomes a familiar and comforting routine. In other words, if a Dachshund loves its blanket, it’s probably because that’s what it’s always done to feel relaxed and at ease. To learn more about their sleeping habits, don’t miss our article on Dachshunds’ Sleep.

#6. Attention-Seeking


Every pet owner knows this: pets can be clever when they want attention! Dachshunds are no different. If they’ve noticed that burrowing into blankets makes you smile, laugh, or give them extra attention, they might do it more often. It’s their cute way of saying, “Hey, look at me!” For them, it’s a fun game, and the reward is your loving reaction. So, if your Dachshund starts their blanket dive when you’re around, they might just be putting on a little show to get some extra pats and praises. After all, who can resist a playful Dachshund peeking out from a blanket?

#7. Maintain Body Temperature

Maintain Body Temperature

Dachshunds have a unique body shape: long and slender with short fur. This means that they can sometimes get cold more easily than other dogs. A blanket is like a warm jacket for them. When they burrow into it, they’re keeping their body warm and snug. This is especially true during colder months or in air-conditioned rooms. Just as we reach for a sweater when chilly, Dachshunds dive into blankets to maintain a cozy body temperature. It’s their natural way of ensuring they stay toasty and comfortable.

#8. Seeking Solitude and Personal Space

Seeking Solitude

Everyone, at times, needs a break from the hustle and bustle. Dachshunds are no different. Just as we might retreat to our room for some quiet time, these little dogs sometimes seek a private spot away from noise and activity. By burrowing into a blanket, they’re creating a personal space, a little haven where they can relax undisturbed. It’s their way of saying, “I need some ‘me’ time.” If your Dachshund occasionally disappears into a blanket, they might just be enjoying a peaceful moment to themselves.

#9. Play and Entertainment

Play and Entertainment

Dachshunds are playful by nature. Sometimes, diving into a blanket is just for fun! It’s like a game of hide-and-seek for them. The act of burrowing, wriggling, and popping out can be super entertaining. If they’re feeling playful, a blanket becomes their toy. Just like kids enjoy playing with sheets and making forts, Dachshunds have their own version of fun with blankets. So, if you spot your furry friend darting in and out of a blanket, they’re likely just having a good time!

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#10. Aesthetic Preference

Aesthetic Preference

Believe it or not, dogs have likes and dislikes, just like us. Some Dachshunds might simply enjoy the feeling of certain fabrics against their skin. Maybe it’s the softness, the warmth, or even the darkness they like when they’re under a blanket. For them, it feels good and right. It’s similar to how we might prefer certain bedding materials or clothing fabrics. So, if your Dachshund seems to pick a particular blanket to burrow into, it might be because they find it especially comfy and pleasing. In simple terms, they might just think that blanket is the best!

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Tips to Control Dachshunds

  • Provide Their Own Blanket: Give your Dachshund a designated blanket of their own. This way, they have something to burrow into without taking over your bedding or couch covers.
  • Invest in a Burrow Bed: There are special beds designed for dachshunds that like to burrow. These can be a great option to give them the sensation they crave in a controlled way.
  • Regular Exercise: Sometimes, the urge to burrow can be a sign of pent-up energy. Ensure your Dachshund gets regular exercise to reduce this behavior.
  • Distract with Toys: When you notice your Dachshund starting to burrow, distract them with a toy or a game. Over time, they might associate the desire to burrow with playtime instead.
  • Safe Spaces: Create a designated area or a small “den” for your Dachshund. This can be a corner with cushions or a soft dog bed where they can retreat without the need to burrow.
  • Stay Consistent: If you want to reduce burrowing in certain areas, be consistent in redirecting them. Over time, they will learn where it’s okay to burrow and where it’s not.


Why do Dachshunds burrow so much?

As a Dachshund owner, I’ve often observed this unique behavior in my own pet. Dachshunds burrow primarily because of their ancestral instincts. Historically, they were badger hunters, and digging into tight spaces was part of their job. This instinctual behavior has carried on through generations. Additionally, burrowing can provide them with a sense of security, comfort, and warmth. It’s a natural way for them to seek shelter and create a cozy environment, whether they’re looking for a quick nap or just a safe space.

Were Dachshunds bred to burrow?

Yes, they were! The name “Dachshund” itself translates to “badger dog” in German. They were specifically bred to hunt and chase out badgers from their dens. This required them to dig and burrow deep into the ground to reach their prey. Over time, even though modern Dachshunds aren’t hunting badgers, this burrowing behavior has remained a strong trait in the breed. It’s a part of their DNA, and it’s something they naturally enjoy and are good at.

Why do little dogs burrow under blankets?

While the burrowing instinct is particularly strong in Dachshunds, many small dog breeds exhibit this behavior. There are a few reasons for this. Smaller dogs have a higher surface area to volume ratio, meaning they can lose body heat faster than larger breeds. Burrowing under blankets helps them retain warmth. Additionally, for small dogs, burrowing can also provide a sense of protection and security from potential predators or threats. It’s an innate behavior that helps them feel safe in their environment.


Dachshunds love to burrow in blankets, and now we know why. It’s a mix of their history, their need for warmth, and their playful nature. As owners, understanding this helps us make them feel comfortable and loved. So, when your Dachshund digs under a blanket, just smile and let them enjoy their cozy moment. It’s simply a part of who they are.

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